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by Mark from Sycamore Jr. High

What is your definition of a hero? If you think a hero is only someone who has super powers, or has extraordinary strength, then you are wrong. Most heroes in myths and fairy tales do have super powers but they are not real. Most heroes today are like firefighters, police officers, soldiers (people who risk their lives every day to save other people). Doctors and people who have done extraordinary things, like surviving a deadly illness and then researching on cures or raising money to support research, are also heroes. People who have achieved great things in athletics, technology, and people who have done good things to change the world are also heroes.

Marcia Levitas is on the right. (www.breastcancerbricks.org)
My hero is Marcia Levitas. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is married and has 4 grown children. She is a 38 year breast cancer survivor and also is the co-founder of “Breast Cancer Brick”. “Breast Cancer Brick” is a group of people who take bricks from destroyed or old abandoned buildings.

The group gives the bricks to artists to transform into beautiful works of art. The art is sold in a silent auction that pays for breast cancer research, awareness, and education. Marcia’s art work was used as the “prototype” for the project. The organization has earned over $100,000 from selling the art in many silent auctions.

Marcia Levitas fits T.A Barron’s description as a hero within and a survivor hero. She fits T.A Barron’s description as a hero within because she is dedicating her time and energy into raising money for breast cancer research, awareness, and education. She is also a survivor hero because she has survived breast cancer for 38 years and gone on to start “Breast Cancer Brick”.

Overall, Marcia Levitas is a very lucky, strong and caring person which makes her one of the most important heroes of them all. She is one of those people who have survived a deadly illness and gone on to raise over $100,000 for breast cancer research. So next time you think of a hero, think about someone like Marcia instead of Superman. So I ask you again: what’s your definition of a hero?

Written by Mark from Sycamore Jr. High
Last changed on: 10/27/2005 4:59:17 PM

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