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by Natalie from Laguna Beach


Michael Phelps is my hero because he inspires me as a swimmer, sets amazing world records, and teaches me to always try my hardest.

First of all, Michael Phelps started swimming at age 7, which is a really young age to start swimming. After all his practice in meets, he swam the Olympic Games at 15, in which he won his first world record. He was inspired to swim in the Olympics because of his sister, Whitney, who unfortunately was unable to participate due to an injury. Phelps continues to improve and is ready for the Olympic Games, 2008, in Beijing, China.

Michael Phelps has won many world records throughout his career. At one Olympic Games, Phelps won eight medals; all gold! His special stroke that wins him tons of medals is butterfly (which makes him inspire me) with a fantastic time of 44.40 in the 100.

Also, Michael Phelps teaches me that I should always try my best. Phelps never gives up in anything, he always keeps trying until he gets it right. Phelps is still beating world records at Olympic Games, and most of the time, beats the clock.

Michael Phelps also tries to help kids become great swimmers, like him. He and Ian Crocker have a program called "Swim with the Stars" which lets kids from around the world have practice with the "star" swimmers. Phelps also tried out to swim on the university team, but ended up being the assistant coach, instead, since he is not an amateur anymore (which is better).

All in all, Michael Phelps is my hero because he is an inspiring Olympic swimmer, has lots of world records, and he helps himself and others become better swimmers.

Written by Natalie from Laguna Beach
Last changed on: 9/10/2008

Michael Phelps Team USA

Swim with the Stars

Amazing Pace: The Story of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps - From Sydney to Athens to Beijing
by Paul McMullen

Michael Phelps: Beneath the Surface
by Michael Phelps, Brian Cazeneuve
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