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by Kaela from Xenia

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Anita Hope Mummert grew up in Xenia, Ohio. While she was in elementary school she wanted to be a teacher. She went to Central Middle School and Xenia High School. Mike became a part of her life when they were married. Then along came the kids, J. Michael and T.J.

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Anita and her family became a foster home in 1997 because they were looking for a little girl to add to the family. Their dream would come true when their future daughter came to their house when she was three and a half months old. Their daughter, Breanna, was adopted when she was two and a half years old in 1998. Even though they had adopted her they still wanted to keep fostering.

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Most children that come to her house are babies whose mothers were addicted to crack cocaine while they were pregnant. One of the challenges of having foster babies is having to wake up in the night with them. Anita says that her favorite part about fostering is meeting the parents of the foster child and making a difference in the parents' lives. Her fostering has helped 13 to 15 different babies. Most of them stayed with her family 2 to 12 months. Some of the babies that she has fostered are a different race and she told me that she doesn't notice except when she washes their hair. Anita always treats the foster kids like her own. When Anita is alone and has spare time she likes to scrapbook and do things that have something to do with crafts. The Mummert family likes grilling outdoors and being outside.

Anita thinks being a foster parent is a wonderful experience. She says her life has changed because she makes a difference in children's lives. Her goal for the next few years is to start fostering older children. If she had the chance to change anything in her life, she would not, because from her perspective, she has a great life. She does not think of herself as a hero because other people in the world have done greater things than she does. I think Anita Hope Mummert is a hero because she fosters children and makes a difference in other people's lives.

Written by Kaela from Xenia
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