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by Alfi from Bandung

Raditya Dika
His complete name is Raditya Dika. This man was born and grew up in Jakarta since 28 December 1984. His talent in writing has been seen since he was in grade 4 of Elementary School. During the period, Dika had written a diary about his life everyday, about humorous experiences, sorrows, or gladness and joy. Dika is the first child in the family. He has four sisters and brothers, Ingga, Anggi, Yudhit, and Edgar.

He studied in SMAN 70 Jakarta. Initially developing his talent he wrote his daily in a diary. Then he created his own blog in the internet and tried to write in his blog. His blogger contains things which are not possible to be conducted by Indonesian writer. Diaries for some people are secret, and surely written is personal experience. Raditya Dika is on the contrary. He oppositely also unfold his person experience. In the year 2005, Radith booked his blog through publisher “GagasMedia” hoping ones who read it can laugh and the book became a best seller. Now he takes hold to become head of editor of publisher “Bukune” which is active in magazines of books and books for the youngsters of below “PT Buka Buku Production”. At this time Radith is busy in finishing Political Majors of Indonesia in Indonesia University.

The First Book (agunk.files.wordpress.com)
The first book which lifted his name was entitled the "Kambing Jantan: Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh" (2005) narrating everyday life of Radith when he was a student in the University in Adelaide, Australia. While his second book entitled "Brontosaurus" narrated Radith's love story which had never been successful. In this time, he is drawing up a film entitling “Kambing Jantan” The Movie.

I learned about Radith for the first time when my sister borrowed the book from her boyfriend. My sister's boyfriend said that the book entitled “Kambing Jantan” was the first book of Raditya Dika. He said this book is very funny, telling a story about the daily writings of a foolish student. When I read it, I laughed because this book is very funny. I am very impressed by Raditya Dika, because in April 2007, the book list in demand existed in the daily newspaper of “Kompas” and had two books of Radith's concurrently in the list of "Five Books in Demand" for the rubric of Pustakaloka. It’s fantastic.

Written by Alfi from Bandung
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