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Olympics Hero from Egypt

by Rana from Alexandria, Egypt

Holding her medals
Rania Elwani has been training for 17 years. In my opinion, swimming is in her genes.

I really like her and she is my role model. I am a good swimmer, but I still wish to be like her, one of the champions who instills happiness in the hearts of all Egyptian citizens. Her success was one of the reasons Egypt's flag was flown all over the world.

Celebrating her victory
I am a good swimmer and I hope that one day I will become like her and be a champion, too; but even if I become one, I'll always appreciate Rania's achievements.

In my opinion, Rania Elwani is a champion who will never be replaced, even though Egypt hopes for many more athletes just like her.

Written by Rana from Alexandria, Egypt
Last changed on: 8/7/2008 10:25:42 AM

Still in the water "Egypt's greatest swimmer before she retired, Rania Elwani's love affair with water continues -- but there has been a career change...."

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