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by Kendall from Mission Viejo

Ruth Posner ((http://standardissuemagazine.com/))
It would be hard to pretend to be someone else for most of your childhood, especially knowing that if the Nazis knew your real identity you would be killed. Ruth Posner had to do just that. When she was nine she escaped Poland and she moved to London and became a professional dancer. In her later life she became an actress. I have always found people who lived through the Holocaust very intriguing to learn about because they had to deal with a lot. Ruth herself was never in the Holocaust but she lost both of her parents to it. In my current high school college & career planning class, I chose to research Ruth Posner as my personal career hero because she is an acting inspiration and her story is unbelievable. For a time in her life, she literally had to act or die. I would like to have a job where I can act because I think that I am good at portraying characters. I could be a spy/undercover cop or just an actress in movies. Both of which Ruth Posner did.

Ruth Posner
Before the Holocaust, Ruth Posner was a dancer. She was an outstanding one too. When WWII happened she had to stop dance and focus on survival which required her to act. With this experience she learned to act and dance really well. She most likely had to stop school as well so she didn't have much education. Why is Ruth Posner so special? Because, she had to act, day and night, every day of her teenage years to survive by pretending to be a girl named Irena Slabowska. One of her most famous quotes is, "I did my best acting during the war - it deserved an Oscar"

Ruth as a child
Being Jewish, she was vulnerable to being sent to a concentration camp like her parents eventually were. But, when the Nazis took over Poland her family had to jump into action. She was lucky that her dad had people that could help her out of Poland. She got lucky with her parental situation because they got her out right before they were sent to Treblinka. When the war was over she stayed in London and focused on dancing. Anne Frank is related to Ruth Posner because she lived in the Holocaust era and her dream was to be a writer. Another reason Frank and Posner are similar is because they were both Jewish and they both had great aspirations. Unlike Frank, Ruth Posner survived the Holocaust and became a success by achieving her dreams.

Ruth in Action
Ruth Posner has contributed back to society through her theatrical performances and through the example and her sharing of her Holocaust experiences. She really was an inspiration to all Jewish kids that had a dream but couldn't pursue it because of the Holocaust. Anne Frank says, "I don't think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains." Anne Frank could have been an amazing, professional writer but she couldn't because of the huge tragedy that Jews went through. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who spent years in hiding with her family because the Nazis in Germany were taking all Jews to concentration camps (which was written by the editors from the biography website). Unfortunately she got sent to a concentration camp and passed away. That could have happened to Ruth too if she got caught. What the Jews went through was so sad and so terrible. Ruth is such an inspiration and she was extremely lucky that she got to fulfill her dreams.

Ruth Posner
Right now I am going to join acting classes and join more dance classes to be like my personal career hero. I want to try to learn lyrical dance and musical theater dance as well, like Ruth Posner did. I hope that I am going to need a manager one day so they can help me get jobs. In college I want to take acting classes and maybe dance for the college I decide go to. Some colleges I want to go to are University of Utah, University of Oregon, UCLA, UCI, Cal Berkeley, and Stanford University. Unlike Ruth, I want to dance Hip Hop because that is the style I have danced all my life and I succeed greatly in it. I really want to try to become an actress and dancer and maybe even a singer too. What I love about acting and dancing is that you can change lives and give back to society through it. Ruth Posner is truly an amazing actress and dancer and I want to be just like her.

Written by Kendall from Mission Viejo
Last changed on: 1/17/2016

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