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by Katie from Westerville

(Drawn by Katie)

Tracy Chapman was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 30, 1964. That year, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa. Tracyís momís name was Hazel. Hazel didn`t have a husband. Tracy had one sister and no brothers. When she was 8, Tracy wrote her first song. She started playing guitar at age 11. Tracy also played the piano and the ukulele. When she was a child, she was bullied because of her race and because she was a good student. Later, she wrote songs about it.

(Drawn by Katie)

For college Tracy went to Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. To earn money at college, she played guitar and sang at coffee houses. She also played guitar on the streets and at the campus folk club. Tracy Chapman is not married, and she has no children.

(Drawn by Katie)

Before she was famous, Tracy Chapman was a poet and a short story writer who played guitar and sang at coffee houses. Brian Koppleman, who went to Tufts, told Tracy about his dad, Charles Koppleman. Charles was the president of SBK Publishing. Tracy met with him, and he introduced her to Elliot Roberts. Elliot became Tracy`s manager. He helped her sign with Electra Records. With Electra Records, she recorded her first hit album in 1988.

(Drawn by Katie)

In 1988, Tracy preformed at a televised concert for Nelson Mandelaís 70th birthday. She also won four Grammys for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, New Artist, Best Contemporary Folk Recording, and for Best Rock Song. Currently, Tracy is still performing and going on tours.

(Drawn by Katie)
Tracy Chapman is a hero because she participated in a walk to benefit 10 charities. She is supportive of civil rights and believes that everyone is equal. Also, she is really inspiring to me and someday I want to be just like her.

Written by Katie from Westerville
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