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"To me being World Champion is much more important [than individual accomplishment].

by Erick from Newark

xavi in mid air (google images)

Xavi Hernandez is the best player in the world in my eyes. Also, he is the best midfielder. He plays for FC Barcelona. He sees what other midfielders can't see. He always has an idea of what he is going to do before he gets the ball. He always outsmarts his opponents whether it is on the dribble or a wall pass, he always gets his way.

xavi jukeing (google images)

The first time I saw Xavi play was in the 2009 UEFA Champions League. Through that tournament he was tearing it up. Barcelona won that tournament. He had 7 assists, 2 goals and started all 11 games, which is very good for a midfielder.

Xavi celebrating after a goal (google images)

Xavi Hernandez is constantly controlling the midfield. On average, Barcelona has possession of the ball on average, 65% of their games. When Xavi isn't in the game, Barcelona drops their possession by 10%. That's a pretty big deal. That's why he is so inspiring because he makes the differences in the games.

Every time before I play a game, I look him up on Youtube and watch what he does and study him. He always inspires me to play harder, better and smarter. He changes the game of soccer and one day I hope to play like him.

In conclusion, Xavi Hernandez is the best soccer player and best midfielder. He almost never loses the ball. He is devious, smart, always 1 step ahead, tricky, and that's why Xavi Hernandez will always be the best soccer player in the world. Xavi Hernandez is a name to remember.

Written by Erick from Newark
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Last changed on: 10/5/2010

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