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by Andrea, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A hero goes out of his way for someone. A hero is willing to take a risk. A hero works hard to use a special gift or skill to help others. A hero's life has made a difference in the lives of others. A hero works very hard to keep others alive.

My hero is a doctor. He saved my life when I could have died. He saves lots of children's lives. He worked and studied a lot to get the job he has got now. He has done a very difficult surgery. He has to work almost everyday at the hospital. He has studied kidneys and got his Ph.D. at Queens University. He also went to medical school at the University of Calgary and at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He studied pediatric nefrology medicine. He has currently been at the Alberta Children's Hospital for one year. In his spare time he likes to bike, camp, kayak, and work out. He is a great doctor and he is easy to talk to.

He is willing to take a risk to save someone's life. He saved my life from a kidney inflamation disease when I was in the hospital. He worked very hard to find out what exactly was wrong with my kidneys and why they weren't working. He works hard to use the special gift that God gave him to help others. He has to do difficult surgery with his special skills that he studied at the university. He had to go to school for many years to become a children's kidney doctor.

He goes out of his way for someone like me and my parents because he had to explain to them what was wrong with me and do lots of different tests to find the medicine to heal me. He talked to my parents and me everyday to let us know how I was doing. His life has made a difference in the lives of others, especially mine. I saw him look after many other children in the hospital and help them recover. Also, he was always there helping by teaching other doctors about being kidney specialists too. He worked very hard to keep others alive. You can phone him anytime and he'll phone you back as soon as possible to see how he can help you. He has a great staff who make his appointments and make sure you get the medicine that Dr. Wade tells them to give you.

I would like to thank Dr. Wade and God for saving my life when I was so sick this past summer. I am glad he is my doctor. I'm sure he has helped to save other kids' lives too. Thank you Doctor Wade, my hero.

Sincerely, Andrea

Written by Andrea, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Alberta Children's Hospital This is where Dr. Wade works.

Kidney Foundation of Canada

National Kidney Foundation, Inc

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