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by Madeline Jacobs, Film Producer

Ellie Wen's global awareness, sensitivity, and ambition have helped her create a global community.

During her sophomore year at Harvard-Westlake High School, she was moved by an experience she had while volunteering at Las Familias del Pueblo, a community center in downtown Los Angeles. Ellie observed individuals struggling with pronunciation in an English as a Second Language class. She thought if these people were having difficulty learning English, then surely others around the world must be having similar difficulties.

Inspired to help English as a Second Language learners, she decided to build a Web site that would provide free texts and audio clips to assist students around the world with their language skills. Her Web site, RepeatAfterUs.com, has since become a globally recognized resource that helps people learn English.

Ellie Wen's determination and boundless energy have created an active learning community in which people all over the world are helping one another and growing together.

Written by Madeline Jacobs, Film Producer
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RepeatAfterUs.com Visit Ellie Wen's awarding-winning Web site.

Click here to watch a film by Madeline Jacobs about her friend Ellie Wen.

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