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by Eddie Becker

A HERO can be anyone you admire.

Eddie Becker's hero is his daughter, Erika. Erika has cerebral palsy and underwent a back operation to help her walk better.

ERIKA: "I have a problem called cerebral palsy. It's where my brain tells my legs I should walk a funny way. Before I had an operation, I'd walk really crooked and funny, and people would laugh at me and I'd get hurt, so I had an operation to make me walk straighter."

For Erika the worst part of being handicapped is being made fun of. "It really hurts," she says, "even if you try and ignore them, it really hurts. Even grown-ups, they treat me differently, but that's because I'm different. Nobody is the same, so they don't treat all of us the same because we're all different."

Written by Eddie Becker
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