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This is all my brother's fault

by Erik from La Cresenta

Gary Larson's cover from The FAR SIDE GALLERY #3 of his "Far Side" collections

My Hero is Gary Larson. He was born Tacoma, Washington in 1950. His major accomplishment was making the comic called The Far Side. The reason that he is my hero is that he is very funny and when I read his books it puts a smile on my face.

When he was at Washington State University he was interested in biology. He graduated in 1972 with a degree in communications. After that he started focusing on drawing.

He brought some of his work to a magazine called Pacific Search (now Pacific Northwest Magazine). They liked his cartoons and called the series "Natures Way." Later he got his comics in the Seattle Times. Then he went to San Francisco and showed his work to the San Francisco Chronicles. They renamed the comics "The Far Side."

Gary Larson drew "The Far Side" comics for 14 years until he retired. In addition to the newspapers, he had many books with all his drawings, calendars and a movie with slides of his comics. He now lives in Seattle, Washington.

Written by Erik from La Cresenta
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