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Laurel taught fourth and fifth grade at Santa Monica Alternative Schoolhouse in Santa Monica, CA. Her class was studying the history of Santa Monica when they discovered one of the oldest buildings in Santa Monica, Henshey's Department Store, was about to be torn down. Laurel encouraged the class to get involved with the fight to save old buildings so that some sense of history could be preserved in Santa Monica. The students organized petitions, wrote letters, had meetings with government officials and finally spoke at a Landmarks Commission meeting at Santa Monica City Hall.

"This is what I try to talk to my kids about...This idea that you have power. And if life, your country or your situation isn't what you want, then what can you do about it? They've discovered their voice with this Henshey's issue."

Kyle Miller, one of her students, said: "When you get so hyped up the government and older people who can really make a decision about it...it makes you feel strong."

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LAUREL SCHMIDT has been an educator for more than thirty years and a parent for more than twenty. In the past, she has worked as a teacher and a principal. She is currently the Student Services Administrator in Santa Monica, California, and an adjunct professor at Antioch University.

LAUREL SCHMIDT has written two books for parents and educators.

How to Stop the Battle With Your Teenager : A Practical Guide to Solving Everyday Problems

Seven Times Smarter : 50 Activities, Games, and Projects to Develop the Seven Intelligences of Your Child

Classroom Confidential
by Laurel Schmidt

Social Studies That Sticks:
How to Bring Content and Concepts fo Life

by Laurel Schmidt
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