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My Hero:
Extraordinary People
on the Heroes
Who Inspire Them

MY HERO: Extraordinary People on the Heroes Who Inspire Them is a collection of essays written by some of the most remarkable people of our time. The authors have contributed their stories to this book to help support this award-winning not-for-profit web project. We hope you will share the MY HERO book with your family and friends! Click HERE to order your copy today.

Thanks to the extraordinary people who shared
their stories of heroes and heroism in this new publication:

Earvin “Magic” Johnson
Muhammad Ali
Dr. Robert Ballard
Yogi Berra
Sue Bird
Senator Bill Bradley
Reverend Calvin O. Butts
Richard "Bo" Dietl
Dr. Felton Earls
Kathy Eldon
Michael J. Fox
Frank O. Gehry
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Senator John Glenn
Erin Gruwell
Scott Hamilton
Ralf Hotchkiss
Colonel Jack Jacobs, U.S. Army (Retired)
Billie Jean King
Sherry Lansing
Frances Moore Lappe
Leon Lederman
Stan Lee
Congressman John Lewis
Dr. Bernard Lown
Wangari Maathai
Wynton Marsalis
Senator John McCain
Ralph Nader
Paul Newman
Stan O’Neal
Ron Reagan
Dana Reeve
Paul Rusesabagina
Dennis Smith
Jeni Stepanek
Vivian Stringer
Rob Warden
Elie Wiesel

Listed below are web pages about some of these heroes...

Robert Ballard conducts scientific expeditions around the world with students.
by My Hero

John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth.
by Kathy Crockett

Stan Lee is the
genius who created
some of our best
loved super heroes.

Erin Gruwell is the founder of Freedom Writers and an inspiration to teachers and students around the world.
by Jerrilyn Jacobs

Muhammad Ali is still 'The Greatest.'
by Jaime Marcus

Kathy Eldon inspired by her son, works for peace and tolerance.
by Wendy Jewell

Paul Newman through his comestibles, earns millions of dollars for charity.
by Susannah Abbey

Frank Owen Gehry has developed his
own unique style of design.

by Marissa from Ventura

Elie Wiesel wrote the famous Holocaust memoir Night.
by Mindy from Millersville

Rudolph Giuliani New York Mayor, was a compassionate leader following the World Trade Center attack.
by Jonathan Alter
for Newsweek Magazine

Rob Warden has dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice as an advocate for the wrongly accused.
by Claudia Herrera Hudson

Wangari Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement that plants trees to help restore the desolate ecosystem in Africa.
by Heidi Antocicco

Scott Hamilton performs magic on
the ice rink and
battles heroically with cancer.

by Kathy Crockett
My Hero

Jeni Stepanek is an ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy who continues to spread her son Mattie's message of peace.
by Claudia Herrera Hudson

Magic Johnson inspires others with his basketball talents and philanthropic work.
by Laura Tucker for MY HERO

Lawrence Peter Berra (Yogi Berra) was a great baseball player and poet...'It aint over till its over'
by Dominick from Centereach

Raffi continues to inspire a generation of children and their parents with his music
by Kathy Crockett
The My Hero Project

Ralf Hotchkiss is an engineer, inventor and humanitarian, and the founder of Whirlwind Wheelchair International.
by Kathy Crockett,
My Hero

Frances Moore Lappe works to eliminate the injustices that cause hunger.
by Kathy Crockett
My Hero

John Lewis has worked for civil rights for all for over 40 years.
by Kathy Crockett
My Hero

Ralph Nader believes that citizens have the power to put change into motion.
by Kathy Crockett
My Hero

C. Vivian Stringer despite great challenges, pursued her passion for basketball and is known for turning women into champions.
by Kathy Crockett
The My Hero Project

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