Malcolm Little

by Roberto from Pacoima

"By Any Means Necessary"
Malcom X photo from Yahoo pics.<p>
Malcom X photo from Yahoo pics.

The sixties were filled with much hatred and animosity toward all who were different. Violence, anger, and rage flared through the streets of inner city neighborhoods. Being a minority in a country such as America meant many different things to many different people. It was, and is, one of the most controversial topics to have ever shaken America, then and now. In the midst of all the mayhem and chaos, there were many people who tried to rise up and tackle the very essence of this hatred: racism. The "Black Panthers", a revolutionary group of educated blacks took up arms against a cause they believed was worth dying for.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was among one the best-known Civil Rights leaders during that era. Famous for practicing and idolizing Gandhi for his acts of non-violent protest, Dr. King believed that the black community could and should unite with white folks and live in peace, despite the blinding violence committed toward African Americans. During this time it seemed apparent to many blacks that the luxuries and natural God-given rights of humans would not be obtained through peaceful protests, but, when absolutely necessary, through what they were experiencing daily: violence.

Malcolm Little was the son of Earl Little who was an activist that looked up to the teachings of Marcus Garvey, and served in the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.). Malcolm spent his early childhood listening to his father and learning to speak out on what he believed. Unfortunately, though Malcolm's father died in 1931 in a so-called "freak accident." His father was supposedly run over by a trolley. But many believe that he was murdered. Fatherless at six years old, Malcolm was going through an emotional depression during the Great stock market crash in the U.S. Times were rough and sad for the Little family as they tried to over come the loss of the center of the family.

Malcolm also experienced many other hardships and troubles in his life. As a fourteen year old in Lansing, Michigan, he was the president of his class and a top student. At sixteen he was hustling for tips in a Boston night club. At the age of nineteen he was leading a gang of burglars. And at twenty he was in prison. There, in prison, is where Malcolm began his journey toward the life of a Muslim and would eventually adopt the name Malcolm X.

Malcolm X proved that no matter what the obstacles might be, anything is possible through hard work an dedication. He went from bad to good and displayed the great potential of a fantastic leader. Rising up from hard times and trying to overcome the traps of a tough childhood was not easy. While many in his shoes would have probably ended up on the streets, Malcolm did not crumble even after landing in prison. He also showed that it is never too late to change and overcome. He became one of the most inspirational and motivational icons in history. Far too often is his story forgotten. This is ultimately why I chose Malcolm X as my hero. His birthday even happens to be on the same day as mine. For these and many other reasons I feel that I can relate to the story of Malcolm X.

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I really enjoyed learning about my hero, Malcolm X.

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"I was born here in the USA to Mexican parents. I happen to have the same birthdate as Malcolm X: 5-19-86. I am a musician and enjoy music of all shapes and sizes."