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Russian, American ready
for a year in space

Researchers find fossil of
'Super Salamander' species

Obama announces $240M in new
pledges for STEM education

Klay, Jamison among nominees
for PEN awards

NASA: Evidence of ocean beneath solar system's biggest moon

Harvard's president speaks in
China about climate change

Gay groups march at last in
Boston St. Patrick's Day parade

Students at OU hope racist
fraternity video sparks change

Maine teacher wins
$1 million Global Teacher Prize in Dubai

About 100 set out to retrace
Selma-to-Montgomery march

Selma civil rights milestone
marked by first black president

China bans ivory imports for
1 year to protect elephants

3 men 1st to get reconstructed
bionic hands after amputation

First lady: Education is
most important civil rights issue

NASCAR announces effort
to promote math, science

Michigan-based martial arts
program helps kids kick cancer

Memorial in Kayla Mueller's
hometown to honor her life, work

Researchers test device to help
deaf children detect sounds

1 of nation's top Latino scholars
closer to hometown fame

South Africans mark 25th
anniversary of Mandela's release

Save the trees: New campaign
against deforestation launched

Facebook, LinkedIn join to help women in tech

Sifford remembered for his
courage as first black PGA member

In Somalia, Mogadishu playground
means kids can have fun

3,000 child soldiers to be
freed in war-torn South Sudan

Astronomers find solar system
more than double ours in age

Church of England consecrates
first female bishop

'March: Book Two' shows all
sides of civil rights movement

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto:
Smile for the camera!

Man who saved lives at Paris
grocery gets French citizenship

Paralyzed woman uses her mind to control robot arm
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