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Searchers comb Alaska glacier for
GIs killed in 1950s crash

Battle over proposed Yellowstone
River dam ramps up

DNA from ancient skeleton shows ties
to Native Americans

Pluto just 4 weeks, 20 million miles
away for spacecraft

Green space around schools may
boost mental abilities

Europe's comet lander makes 2nd contact after waking up

Scientists emerge from isolated dome on Hawaii volcano slope

3 space station astronauts safely
return to Earth

27 of Einstein's personal letters going on auction block

California oil spill cleanup costs
reaches $62 million

What countries have offered for Paris climate agreement

Indonesia volcano at high alert level unleashes fresh burst

NASA: Mars test parachute failed
soon after inflating

South African veterinarians intervene
to save Hope the rhino

Gay couples awake to new Ireland, hope to wed by Christmas

Japan pledges climate change aid to
Pacific island nations

Alaska's popular walrus cam streams
again after a decade

Paralyzed man uses his thoughts
to control a robotic arm

Scientists reveal Washington state's
first dinosaur

Oldest known stone tools found in Kenya;
makers not known

To fight bee decline, Obama proposes
more land to feed bees

Germany and France commit to
global climate protection

A look back 35 years after Mount
St. Helens' deadly eruption

Don't let the slobber fool you,
your dog could be a brainiac

Humpback whales' recovery is
national success story

NYC mayor unveils sweeping
environmental plan on Earth Day

NASA releases picture of starry
fireworks for Hubble's 25th

Scientists convinced of tie between
earthquakes and drilling

Huge magma chamber spied under
Yellowstone supervolcano

Giant atom smasher starts up
after 2-year shutdown

Paralyzed woman uses her mind to control robot arm
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