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Street artist Banksy takes swipe at France on migrant crisis

DiCaprio rips Big Oil at Davos confab of business leaders

David Bowie changed the very meaning of being a rock star

Study: Star clusters might host intelligent civilizations

Using new gene drive to create malaria-resistant mosquitoes

NIH to retire the last of government-owned research chimps

US, Cuba sign first environmental accord since thaw

Expressions of Solidarity for France
in red, white and blue

Liberty Medal presented to Dalai Lama's representatives

Biologists fly drone to track health of endangered orcas

3 share Nobel medicine prize for tropical disease drugs

Life on Mars? NASA says planet appears to have flowing water

Obama, Beyonce part of Global Citizen fest all-star lineup

Syrian tripped by Hungarian journalist arrives in Madrid

Appeals court blocks pesticide use over concerns about bees

Californians cut water without state imposing fines

Appeals court upholds gay marriage ruling in Kentucky

Mayor thanks US student who helped thwart France attack

Sierra Leone awaits countdown to Ebola-free declaration

Federal appeals court hears arguments on polar bear habitat

Searching for ET: Hawking to look
for extraterrestrial life

Endangered dragonflies, raised
in captivity, being released

Polar bears can't conserve
energy during fasting

New species of feather-winged
dinosaur unearthed in China

Atomic bomb test marks 70th birthday
amid renewed interest

Women's Soccer Enjoying its World Cup Bump

Solar plane lands in Hawaii after record-breaking flight

Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

Searchers comb Alaska glacier for
GIs killed in 1950s crash

Battle over proposed Yellowstone
River dam ramps up

Paralyzed woman uses her mind to control robot arm
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