Hi there!
We're a small class  of 30 nine to ten year old pupils in a small school in a lovely little town called Bourg en Bresse in France.

November 13th , 2015 was the day that we realised how bleak and sad the world could be. We also realised that where there was darkness, there was also light.
Actually, one of our English teachers, Mayssoun, insisted that there is always something good in the world and all we had to do was look into ourselves to find it.
We were worried and rather scared in the month of November but with the help of the amazing (yes, Mayssoun insisted on this adjective) teachers, we were able to feel safe and happy again. 
We were already working on a Superhero project in our English Immersion classes (that's what we do with Mayssoun; 3 hours of nonstop crazy fun English). We decided (yes, again, Mayssoun insisted on making us participate) to partake in My Hero because we wanted to see the good in people and to connect with the amazing partners we've got.

Starting our Project

It was rather difficult for us to start because we couldn't decide who we wanted to talk about or feature. We came to the consensus that maybe we should just use our own school as our teachers and the other classes have shown us such support and have been giving back to the community we live in. 

Compliments Day

How better to understand kindness and heroism by trying it ourselves. We decided (Our English teacher, Mayssoun, decided actually) that we should celebrate Compliments Day by anonymously sharing compliments with each other. it was so much fun and it felt great! I got lots of very nice compliments and then we surprised Mayssoun by giving her some too. We , as a class, decided to surprise our teachers by writing down cmpliments and thanking them for being so good with us (and very patient! Mayssoun insisted I add that!!). they were super excited and we were so proud because Mayssoun had us decorate them and we then hang them on the classroom walls and on the corridor walls so the other pupils could read them them. 

Credit: *mh*
The Book Sale

Our School mates and the rest of the staff showed us what real solidarity and kindness is by offering to set up a book sale in which all proceeds went to pay for an amazing day in a medieval castle. We have been studying medieval castles. The sale covered all our expenses and we had a fabulous time despite the rain and bad weather. Mayssoun said that we had to mention this as it was great and so sweet of everyone!

The Rice Bowl Day

The best part of our kindness campaign was participating in the Rice Bowl Day. All the food in the canteen was donated to the needy and those who need to eat more than we do. We had rice and tomatoes for lunch instead. the whole school took part in this and we had a grand time because our teachers showed us where our food was going and it really felt good to be part of such a good project. We also donated money to help children in a school in Iraq. We learnt how hard the war is on people and how some children can't even go to school. Mayssoun told us that we were so lucky to be able to go to school, eat and have warm clothes. It made the whole class feel really sad but we are glad that we were able to help a little bit. 

Teacher Appreciation Surprise

Woohooo! We surprised our teachers by creating and decorating our hall walls with teachers are heroes posters! We think that our teachers were teary eyed. Mayssoun denies it but we're sure she wiped a tear when she saw the amazing work we did. We wanted to show our teachers how much we loved and appreciated everything they have done for us and we know that they have done so much. they are there to help us, to console us, to hold us when we need them to. They teach us about our lessons and about life.