From Kindergarten Students in Azerbaijan to High School Students in Moldova, from Elementary students in USA to Elementary Students in France to Middle School students in India. This group of teachers and students had amazing communication via skype and online, and learned so much from each other, no matter what the age difference. ENJOY!
"First of all I would love to express my special thanks to all of you for this project you created. With your help we understand how we can involve our students into real life problems and happenings around them. With your help we find the way to develop their critical thinking, which is very important in today's rapidly changing world. Our collaborative work ensures the expansion of the horizon in front of the little minds' eyes. BIG THANKS." Aytan Bashirova - Teacher
KINDNESS PROJECT - Call to Action - MY HERO Global Learning Circles
"Goodbyeto everyone! This has another great experience with MyHero! It waswonderful to watch teachers and students learning and being encouraged from ourinteractions with each other. The passion and love for teaching I see inteachers around the world is always inspiring to me. I hope to see youagain next year. Take care and have a wonderful summer." Madeline Gillum - Teacher

We are so thankful to MY HERO: Call toAction Learning Circle Project. It was for the first time when we have joinedthis International collaborative Learning Circle. My students work isappreciated by Global teaching faculty. It is a huge honour for me and for my students.\u009d Harmeet Kaur - Teacher

Amazing nonprofit with whom my kids had a great learning experience and as a teacher, I connected with great people from other schools. This experience broadened my and my pupils' horizons.
Teacher - Mayssoun Traboulisi
SOHO: Stories of Heroes On - Call to Action Circle