We joined thisproject this year and got inspired very much. At the beginning, my studentsdidn't quite understand the meanings of hero. They might name some celebritieson TV and movies or people who are very nice to them. Later after discussion,they came to know more about how to define a great person by his or herinfluential deeds. Students also know more about other foreign heroes fromreading them on MY HERO webpages. We cherish and enjoy this wonderfulexperience!

Ya-Chen Ko - Teacher

Thank you for this experience and the opportunity for my students to learn more about heroes around the world.
Donna Stark - Teacher
Students from the 5th Grade at Franklin Township School in Quakertown, New Jersey, under the direction of Dr. Barry S. Kramer and Mrs. Lynn Johnson, researched, wrote, and created media puppet shows using Adobe Voice. Our project was inspired by a similar project that was created by students ofJohanna Archer at Upper Greenwood Lake in New Jersey.