Mendy Kanu and his students from the Children's Foundation of Technology in Sierra Leone participated in the MY HERO Global Learning Circle with some pretty impressive results... THANK YOU from your Facilitator and the MY HERO team for spreading messages of PEACE and inspiration with your music and your high level of participation.
Wendy Jewell - Facilitator - MY HERO Global Learning Circles

Congratulations to Mendy and his students for being named:
WINNER of the MY HERO YOUTH ENGAGEMENT AWARD Song Contest for Future Generation!

Another Learning Circlefinished. My pupils discoveredheroes among their close people, they foundout about heroes from other countries. They spent hourssearching,analyzing, discussing about different people. They felt themselves a part of abig team.

Thank you to all schoolpartners who contributed to this circle, thank you to our facilitators Wendyand Barry who helped us during the whole process.

I am glad that I wasone of the members of this facinating group and I hope to meet all of you inour next projects.

Best wishes,


Here is the link for our class's Organizer Page with student essays. We hope you enjoy reading them.
Laura Nietzer - Teacher

My students and I took part inthe "My hero Project' for the first time. It's an excellent projectwhich unites people of different cultures! My students have learned to work ina team, to think over the question "Who is an example for me, Whom I'mproud of?" It's very important! They have learned to be tolerant andbesides working on our Class Survey we have learned more about the place welive in! My students were very happy when they got letters from our partners!It's a valuable experience!

Sufiya Dkhkanova - Teacher

This year, my students and I have taken part in the My HeroLearning Circles Project for the first time and we found the experience soexciting and useful. For such a long time I wanted to learn how to make shortvideos and here the chance occurred. I have tried it first on my own, then,having succeeded, I realized I can motivate and instill my students to do it aswell. They enjoyed it! We did it! It is a thing that we are not taught at schoolthrough the curricula, thus it is a step forward in our personal developmentprocess. We are very thankful for the provided opportunity. Thank you to theproject coordinators. Hope we shall see each other online next year!

Olesea Jechiu - Teacher

These are the students who are making an attempt to decide to decide for themselves who a hero is and if they need a hero.
Elena Bogoeva - Teacher
Heroes are those persons who change the world, who make a difference and help others. They are an example for us so I think weshould all try to become one them because the world needs heroes nowadays more than others.
Teacher - Faiza Daoud