A picture of my amazing students.

My pupils' stories

Viorel Cantemir

By: Nicoleta from Drochia

A hero is that who has given his life to something more important than himself ...

Stefan cel Mare

By: Stiven Gradinari from Drochia

Adela, My Mother

By: Ana from Drochia

Victor Cotofana

By: Daniela Furtuna from Drochia

Mihai Eminescu

By: Valeria from Drochia

"The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of love" (Mihai Eminescu)

My pupils' videos

Victor, my brother is my hero

Producer: Valeria Darii

It is about my brother who is my hero.

Tatiana- my hero

Producer: Dorina

I have a nice friend who has already done a lot of great things in her life.