My Hero Learning Circle - Middle School - Classes

Credit: Mrs. Gillum and Ms. Pechan, 5th and 6th grade classes
" The Dreamteam in Bradford enjoyed learning about the heroes in our lives. We learned that we can be inspired by ordinary people who are challenged by extraordinary situations. They inspired us to Dream about our goals, Believe in our abilities and gifts and then we can Achieve anything." - Mali

"To sum up our work on the project I would like to say that it was a great pleasure to communicate with all of you! I am happy to have met so many creative, energetic and talented people in the circle. It was a new experience for the students to create their own web page. Just a terrific circle!" - Natalya

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this circle. My students enjoyed the My Hero Project and it was a fantastic learning opportunity. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful emails, packages, and input. Have a great summer!" - Tonya

"Thank you all, this is my first time working with other teachers and students around the world. I really enjoyed and it helped to increase my english." - Dian

"An incredible journey to new friends, explored cultures, and discovered heroes has led us this final destination. The world is a little cozier now that we feel closer to our international friends. We have been overwhelmed with the pictures, music, and gifts from other children. We are priviledged to share our heroes with you." - Madeline and Stacey

"A great thank you for all who organized and participated in the web conference! Despite the bad quality of our Internet traffic that was a joy in every minute just to feel ourselves a part of a great community of nice people." - Oxana

"Students explored definitions of heroes among themselves and their friends around the world. Each student then decided on his or her own personal definition, chose a hero based on that definition, and worked in Art and Language Arts classes to create a tribute to this hero." - Peggy

"For our group I want to say: It was the first experience for my students to work in "My Hero" project. Thank you very much all teachers and students. It was great and interesting project. We have Learned so many terrific thing about different countries and nowadays we have amazing presentation to discuss." - Yuliya

"Welcome to our Communication Arts classroom. I am sure you will find wonderfully intelligent works of my students. Enjoy." - Jane

My Hero Middle School Learning Circle - google map

Credit: Ms. Pechan, Mrs. Gillum and grade 5 and 6 students.