MHM1 Global Partners for My Hero Learning Circle May 2012

Credit: Madeline Gillum and her class at Sultana Elementary
Thank you for allowing us to share our heroes who inspire us with you. As we contemplate the characteristics of a hero, we realize that we are surrounded by selfless heroes in both our families and our communities.Their daily dedication in our lives gives us hope for the future. Madeline Gillum
My students have been participating in the My Hero Project since 2009. It is very popular among them. It connects us with far away countries and their cultures. It helps Russian students learn and understand the ideals of foreign students as well as their own ideals. We haven’t yet made any international friendships. We hope to do it in the nearest future. Svetlana Khodko
It's my first experience of doing the My Hero Project and the Learning Circles. I think it is a very interesting and useful work. It helps to improve the command of English and socialize in the internet. My students enjoyed participating in this project. Thank you for your help. Rushana
The sixth grade students enjoyed participating in this year's Learning Circle and having the opportunity to communicate with other students around the world and sharing their ideas about who is a hero.
The experience of participating in this project is great. We have never taken part in such a global project . It helps us to understand that such kind of interaction will help people to solve different problems. «Hero is everyone who is helpful, who can cope with difficulties and doesn`t do harm»- these words are simple, but they are my students` words and I agree with them. Thank you...Zhanna
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