Being a part of "My Hero" Learning Circles Project was a challenge, a motivational tool and a pleasure all the way of its implementation. It was a great occasion to prove that English is actual and a must-have of our times. My students and I have thought about important persons in our lives: relatives, leaders, celebrities and have come to the conclusion that each of  them may represent a hero for some of us.

As a teacher I am more than satisfied with the results, because the participation into the project helped me to do the most important thing a teacher can do, except teaching-instilling his students' interest to learn and become better today than yesterday! Thank you for that and hope to see you as soon as possible!!!

My mom- My HERO

Producer: Leu Lucia

THis video is about my mother! She will always be my hero because she can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take!

My Hero: My Sister

Producer: BuciumaÈ™ Nina

this film is about my sister,my hero...

My hero is my MOM

Producer: Oleacu Maria

My mother was always there for me,no matter of times

My students-my little heroes

Producer: Dir. Olesea Jechiu

This video is about learning while teaching.