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The Hero: A Voyage From Past to Present
Discovering the evolution and meaning of the word

Students have had the opportunity to study heroes from Greek Mythology, English Myths such as King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table, as well as modern day heroes. Students will now start their own quest to decide who fits their profile of a hero.

Miss Jessica Zettler (Teacher)
12th Period English XII
1st Period English XII
Lt. Jason S. Manse
By Jessica from North Canton
Burt Reynolds
By Alex from North Canton
Daniel Lawrence Whitney
By Eric from North Canton
U.S. Marines
By Tyler from North Canton

Hayao Miyazaki
By Erin from North Canton
Ralf Hotchkiss
By Emily from North Canton
Lil Wayne
By Michelle from North Canton
shaq By shane

Zydrunas Ilgauskas
By Sam from North Canton
Erin Gruwell
By Amanda from North Canton
By Myles from North Canton
Eileen By marsha


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