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Aunt Charlotte
by Abby
Nanny Nancy
by Emma O
My Dad
by Eli
My Hero Zack
by Alexandra

My Hero, My Mom
by Elizabeth
Susie Duff
by Emma W.
My Hero, Libby
by Hanna
My Dad, Lenny
by Jack

My Dad, Pat Henn
by Jacob
Cecilia Hirt
by Jessica
Randy Shields, My Hero
by Joseph
My Dad, My Hero
by Alden

My Hero, My Dad
by Alec
Gene Simmons
by Audrey
John Finn
by Ben
Lance Armstrong
by Davis

My Hero
by James
Shawn Johnson
by Jessie A
Grace Lin
by Katie
My Hero, My Friend
by Kiry

Stephanie Webb
by Laura
Ron Moore
by Maya
Christopher Hitchens
by Max
Melanie Oudin
by Mia

John F. Kennedy
by Mitchell
My Hero, Lulu
by Olivia
by Peter
Mother Teresa
by Saachi

My Grandmother, My Hero
by Samantha
My Papa, My Hero
by Sam W
Elliott Galloway, Hero
by Truly
My Mom and Dad, My Heroes
by Valerie

Greg Limberd, A Hero
by Bennett
My Hero, Penny
by Caroline
Tiger Woods
by Hunter
Albert Schweitzer, A True Hero
by Jake

William Shakespeare
by Jessica T
Derek Jeter
by John
My Dad, My Hero
by Noah
My Dad, Tom Ponder
by Talmadge

My Dog Murphy
by Lily
Jason Heyward
by Wyeth
My Dad, My Hero
by Stephanie
My Grandfather, My Hero
by Lauren

Elliott Galloway, A Hero
by Sam L


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