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Question for Discussion

The question we are asked as a human race and as individuals is not whether or not we should love the world, but “How will we share our love with the world?”

Stories Exemplifying Love
Mother Teresa
devoted her life to the homeless and dying in India.
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
dedicated his life to abolishing apartheid and establishing a democracy in South Africa. By Sahil from San Diego
Martin Luther King, Jr.
lived a life of forgiveness with strength and fearlessness. By Brandon from San Diego
Kathy Eldon
inspired by her son, works for peace and tolerance.

Artwork Exemplifying Love
Love Prevails
by Angela of Laguna Beach High School
Mother Teresa's love
by Lisa of Laguna Beach High School
Walt Whitman
by Robert Shetterly
by Dani Ludloff

Films Exemplifying Love
Law of Love - USA
In 2007, children from Pakistan and India wrote letters to each other for peace.
Producer: Rahul Brown
One Two Three Love - USA
A little girl's quest for balloons ends up in a surprising situation.
Producer: Alejandro Martinez-Beltran
Oumy And I - Senegal
A story about love and acceptance.
Producer: Adam Sie
Nobelity: Desmond Tutu - USA
Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, who won the Peace Prize in 1984, shares his inspiration with us.
Producer: Turk Pipkin

Synonyms for Love

Compassion; adoration; caring; devotion; kindness; worship; friendliness; gentleness

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