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Question for Discussion
Stories Exemplifying Perseverance
Soichiro Honda
was a successful inventor and businessman who built the Honda Motor Company. By Isabella from San Francisco
Jackie Robinson
broke the color barrier in major league baseball. By Brandon from Selden, New York
Annie Glenn
the wife of astronaut and senator John Glenn, is an inspiration for people with all kinds of disabilities. By John Glenn
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
is the first woman president of an African nation, Liberia.

Artwork Exemplifying Perseverance
Jane Austen
by Samantha Park of Taft High School
Thurgood Marshall - Reigning Supreme
by Michael Mahue Moore
The Lincoln Record
by Karina Reiss
by Sarah from Nevada

Films Exemplifying Perseverance
Perseverance -
Liz Murray overcomes her difficult childhood to win a scholarship to go to college.
Producer: Anson Schloat and John G. Young
Portraits of Perseverance - USA
These amazing kids of character show great strength in Perseverance.
Producer: Anson Schloat / John G. Young
A Fire Within - New Zealand
Polly Green lets nothing stand in the way of her realizing her dreams.
Producer: Polly Green
Ablaye - SENEGAL, Africa
A tale of courage and passion in the face of adversity. TAGGAT MEDIA SCHOOL
Producer: Fary Sakho from SENEGAL

Synonyms for Perseverance

Assertiveness; insistence; self-discipline; resolve; commitment; determination; diligence

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