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Questions for Discussion

What injustice do you feel passionate about and what do you envision as a way to right the wrong or resolve the issue?

What gifts/talents do you bring to bear on this problem/cause? Do you know others who are involved with this issue?

What have they done? What could add to their efforts?

Stories Exemplifying Vision
Andrea Coleman
has used her passion for motorcycling to transform healthcare delivery in rural parts of Africa. By Anthea Milnes from Oxford
Ryan Hreljac
helps build wells for clean water in Africa. By Wendy Jewell
Vicky Colbert de Arboleda
works to provide equal access to all children in Colombia. By Anthea Milnes from Oxford
William Kamkwamba
designed and built a windmill, at the age of 14, for his family in Malawi, Africa. By Wendy Jewell & David Kemker

Artwork Exemplifying Vision
The Pine Singing Tree
by 100 High School Students, guided by Laurie Marshall
Barack Obama
by Ben Heine
Agents of Change
by Art Miles Mural Project
Vision Statement
by Umcebo Trust Crafters

Films Exemplifying Vision
NOBELITY: Wangari Maathai [Excerpt] - USA
An Excerpt from the Feature Doc "Nobelity" produced by Turk Pipkin.
Producer: Turk Pipkin
Global Tribe
Visit to Robben Island - USA

Creative Visions is a media organization that seeks to enable individuals to think globally and to act locally, or not so locally, to unite in making positive change for the planet and Her people.
Producer: Kathy Eldon
Tom McMahon
Co-producer Amy Eldon
Pedal=Sight - USA
An Indian girl gains a bicycle, and the will to achieve.
Producer: Jacob & Isaac Seigel-Boettner
Teaching to Live - USA/El Salvador
A teacher hero trains children to be self-sufficient environmentalists.
Producer: Andre Guttfreund

Synonyms for Vision

Foresight; dealism; purposefulness; dream; idea; revelation; epiphany; prophecy; mission

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