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Question for Discussion
Stories Exemplifying Honesty
Anne Frank & Miep Gies
are heroes to Freedom Writers founder and teacher, Erin Gruwell. By Erin Gruwell
continues to inspire a generation of children and their parents with his music By Kathy Crockett
The My Hero Project
Laura Ingalls Wilder
offered young readers a glimpse of American life in the 1800s.
Honest Abe
Do you know why Lincoln was called "Honest Abe?"

Artwork Exemplifying Honesty
James Baldwin
by Robert Shetterly
Foundation of Truth
by Govinda Prasad Sah 'Azad
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
by Robert Shetterly
by Zahra Shahpori

Films Exemplifying Honesty
Peace it Together: My Enemy - Canada
Youth from warring countries discuss their grievances with compassion and honesty.
Producer: Alex Rivers, Tom Leifer, Mohammed Abu Maria
Awadi: Messenger of Truth - Senegal
"Awadi: Messenger of Truth" is about the Senegalese rapper, Awadi, and how he merges his music with his activism and his commitment to social issues
Producer: Fatou Jupiter Toure and Aicha Thiam
Judea Pearl -
Judea Pearl talks about his son and journalistic integrity.
Producer: My Hero
Brian Lamb - A Hero for Maintaining Democracy - USA
Brian Lamb, the hero behind C-SPAN.
Producer: McKenna Young

Synonyms for Honesty

Truthfulness; honor; veracity; integrity

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