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Questions for Discussion

In your daily work or activities, what is it that you hope they will do for you and others?

Think of a local or global issue that easily upsets you. How would you hope to make a difference with your passion, talents, and resources?

If you could hope for one thing to change in the world, regardless of what you thought you could do about it, what would it be?

In your opinion where does hope come from?

Stories Exemplifying Hope
Austin Gutwein
founded Hoops of Hope. By Lindsey from Palmer, Massachusetts
Archbishop Oscar Romero
was a passionate voice of hope, peace and justice in war-torn El Salvador. By Natalie from San Francisco
Dr. Tedd Collins IV
is giving hope to mixed heritage patients with his work on cord blood transplants. By Wendy Jewell
Friedl Dicker-Brandeis
was an artist and teacher who gave children hope during the Holocaust.

Artwork Exemplifying Hope
Hope for Yesterday Today and Tommorrow
by Rita Stern
Circle of Hope
by World Aids Orphan Day Participants, Santa Monica
"Hope... Changes... Love... Imagination..."
by Sabah Kinder Art
Marathon of Hope
by Taylor Dotsikas

Films Exemplifying Hope
Child to Child: Heart to Heart -
Kids from the Asheville, N.C. area send poignant messages of love and support to the children of greater New York who suffered personal loss in the September 11 tragedies.
Producer: Linda McLean and Debra Roberts of Little Pearls
Calypso Tumblers -
A Documentary about The Calypso Tumblers of New York City. Created by Award winning filmmaker, Skip Blumberg.
Producer: Skip Blumberg
Don't Give it All Away - Canada
Slater uses this wonderful song by World Party to promote youth activism.
Producer: Slater Jewell-Kemker
Itipini Community Project - USA
Children and workers alike in the Itipini slum of South Africa find hope.
Producer: Rahul Brown

Synonyms for Hope

Trust; wish, anticipate

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