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National Nanke International Experimental High School--NNKIEH in Taiwan
Richter Kuo's English Class, Grade 11
Heroes That Inspire--NNKIEH. Great examples to Learn from the Daily Life. It's the first time for students in Nanke Experimental High in Tainan, Taiwan, to have the chance to explore their heroes through this international platform. They will cherish this unforgettable experience and learn from their chosen heroes in the course of their lives. Despite a hectic, tight schedule both for the teacher and students, we still strived our best to present our works here. Perhaps this experience also gave a taste of what pressure our heroes have to endure and surpass in their lives.

We never know how a Hero can inspire a young mind. By working on the project of My Hero, my students have the opportunities to dig deeper into their heroes' stories and find inspirations from their examples. Their life can never be the same after such a project.

Anna Hu By LISA
Wenlan Chia
By Emily Lue from Tainan, Taiwan
Wu Pao Chun
By Jay from Tainan
Sisy Chen
By Wen from Tainan, Taiwan

Anna Hu
By Mint from Tainan, Taiwan
Eddie Yu-yen Peng
By Chen from Tainan
Xinling Shen
By Claire from Tainan, Taiwan
Jason Wu
By Yu Chun Su from NNKIEH in Tainan

Ju Percussion Group
By Bella from Tainan
Sisy Chen
by Wen Huang from Tainan
Fujiko Fujio
By James from Tainan, Taiwan
Jolin Tsai
By Jeremy from Tainan, Taiwan

The Public Bath House Vocal Group
By Angelica from Tainan, Taiwan
By Snoopy from Tainan
Yani Tseng
By David from Tainan
Jason Wu
By Karen from Tainan, Taiwan

Chen-Shu-Chu By Brenda
Su Li-wen
By Janet from NNKIEH Tainan
Cheer Chen
By Jane from Tainan, Taiwan

Time 100 Heroes, 2010, Chen-Shu Chu
Credit: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1984685_1984949_1985237,00Time Magazine Online


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