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Study these award winning Elementary School films for ideas.
Picture the World - Canada
Picture A World of Peace
Producer: The Dreamteam
Save Wildlife - USA
Students from the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach created this original song and iPad video to celebrate nature.
Producer: Janine Jamie Hailey and Esti
Trash Talk - USA
Doing the right thing for your home.
Producer: Luc La Montagne
Together We Can Create World Peace - USA
A picture of peace.
Producer: Emily Baker

Take a look at winning films from Middle Schools across the globe.
Amazing - United States
Amazing acts as a call out to young Anishinaabe people to remind them that they are amazing and that they are capable of doing anything - despite the barriers others might place in front of them.
Producer: Cecilia Martinez
The Man in Orange - Jordan
Students in Jordan discuss their heroes who work to make their city clean.
Producer: Nadine, Mohammad, Aya and Deya
Red Bird Saves Corn - USA
Traditional Navajo Spider Woman story retold through Lightbox Animation.
Producer: Larissa Luther, Taylor Long, Makyla Allison
Call to Create - Jordan
An exploration of how creativity can be heroic.
Producer: Ghazel Etoum, Hanen Karajah, Dana Khamis & Samia Kayyali

Study these High School winners for style and substance.
DEAR AMERICA - student honoree - USA
An exploration of what it means to be a Black American.
Producer: Gabrielle Gorman
Cacophony - China
Separated from his expatriate family in the hectic Shanghai metro, Perrin, an Autistic teenager, undergoes a treacherous journey around the bustling city.
Producer: Directed by: Madison Boll
Surfer's Healing -
A non-profit gives autistic children a chance to shine.
Producer: Jack Winter
Why So Low - USA
Why aren't more inner city students graduating high school?
Producer: Frank Nelson, Angelica Escobar, Edgar Ulu, Fernando Torrez, Donel Finks

Winning films in the college category are well made and inspiring!
The Last Iceman of Chimborazo - USA, Ecuador
For over 50 years, Baltazar Ushca has harvested the ice of Ecuadorís Mount Chimborazo. His job is disappearing along with the glacier.
Producer: Gabriela Lozada Pozo
Locks - USA
A touching story that reminds us not to be limited by preconceived notions.
Producer: Ryan Coogler
Present Trauma - USA
'Present Trauma' is a psychological drama about Keith, a Marine veteran struggling to cope with family life after a combat tour overseas.
Producer: Mark Manalo
Joey - USA
Joey is a remarkable hero who captured the heart of filmmaker Shaun MacGilllivray.
Producer: Shaun MacGillivray

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