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My hero (secondary school 28)
Mogilev, Belarus

Hello, Everybody!

We are happy that could take part in the project My Hero. It is a great experience and of course, wonderful opportunity to make new friends.  This project gives the opportunity to prove your languages skills and abilities.

Unfortunately we could not take active participation this year, but we will be glad to continue our participation next year and we hope we will write more interesting stories and can get more friends around the world.

Here are our stories from our previous Learning Circle session.
Andrej Melnikov
By Ann and Veronika from Mogilev, Belarus
What does it mean heroism and who is a hero?
By Sergej from Mogilev, Belarus
Saint Efrosinya Polotskaya
By Veronika Bormotko, a student of 7th form; from secondary school 28, Mogilev, Belarus
Cross of St. Efrosinya Polotskaya
By Veronika Bormotko, a student of the7th form; from Mogilev

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