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Saddle River Day School: Class of 2018

The sixth grade students enjoyed participating in this year's Learning Circle and having the opportunity to communicate with other students around the world and sharing their ideas about who is a hero.
Gabrielle Coco Chanel
By Irene
Gary Sinise
By Ryan
Steve Jobs
By Elena
James Azarian
By Rebecca

Barack Obama
By Sean
Detective Sergeant Gerity
By Harrison
Elaine Meyerson
provided help to help women who have been abused by their partners.
By Jordyn
Team Hoyt
By Graham

Abraham Lincoln
By Pablo
Mahatma Gandhi
By Harsha
Martin Luther King Jr.
By Alex
Benjamin Franklin
By Thomas

Jonas Salk
By Brandon
Nikola Tesla By Dillon
Muhammad Ali
By Garrett from Saddle River
Rob Dyrdek
By Gabe from Saddle River

Amelia Earhart
By Ben
Helen Keller
By Eliana
Gene Roddenberry
was a screenwriter and the producer of Star Trek.
By Justin

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