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My Hero Learning Circle - Elementary - May 2012
Children around the world share their stories, art and audio recordings of their heroes with the world!
My Hero Learning Circles is an online global exchange that has My Hero partnered with iEARN.org. Teachers and students from around the world learn about each others cultures, communities, countries and of course, their heroes. The world is brought into each of their classrooms and their classrooms into the world. The elementary My Hero Learning Circle session ending in June 2012 was another great success! Thank you to all the wonderful and dedicated teachers and students of this session. We started out with 11 teachers and classes from the USA, Romania, Russia and Jordan. I will be adding several more when they come in. We experienced some unusual technical issues from several servers but most everyone managed to complete their projects for My Hero and below are the wonderful Organizer pages to share with each other and the world. Enjoy your summer! We look forward to working with you again in the next session of the My Hero Learning Circles. Cheers from Wendy Jewell, Facilitator, My Hero Learning Circles.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the My Hero learning circles. We began our experience by completing a survey in Google forms to tell information about ourselves. When we learned the location of the other classes in our circle, we used Google earth to look at each location. We responded to the discussion board in the iEarn circle about our thoughts about heroes.

In Mr. Allen's Social Studies class, we did research about our heroes and used audacity to create recordings about our heroes.

At the end of the project, we reviewed the projects created by the other classes around the world. We chose a hero from the completed projects page and responded to questions in a discussion board created by our technology facilitator, Joanna Brown.

We thoroughly enjoyed this. I would love to be able to keep in touch with the teachers in my group for future collaboration. We are doing a "We are the World" theme next year, and the library will be featuring Jordan and Israel.

Thank you for all of your help!


My grade two students share their heroes by visualizing heroism. This has been a wonderful global learning experience for my grade two class. Thank you to My Hero and IEARN.


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