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Hello everybody and welcome to the My hero site of Primary school Naklo 9th class students from a small village Naklo in Slovenia, Europe.

It's our second time participating in learning circles and this time we decided to tell the world about our heroes.

Our country, Slovenia, is small but we have many people that we are proud of so we want to share their stories with the whole world.

The topic of heroes is in our curriculum but the students wrote about their heroes as an extra task and we all hope that you will like their work and learn many new things as we have in this learning circle.

Pictures from our world.

Our village NAKLO
Credit: (wikipedia)

Our School from the Air
Credit: Naklo.si

Our school yard
Credit: Naklo.si

Our class taking part in the My Hero Learning Circles
Credit: Vera Stoilov Spasova

Our heroes!

Here are our heroes, mainly from Slovenia.

Artist heroes
Gregor Cusin
By Marija from Naklo, Slovenia
Ivan Grohar
By Lara from Naklo, Slovenia
Ivana Kobilca
was an important Slovene realist painter.
By Ursa from Naklo, Slovenia

Musician heroes
Eva Boto
By Asja from Naklo, Slovenia
Maksim Mrvica
By Jera from Naklo, Slovenia
Oksana PecŤeny
By Tina from Podbrezje, Slovenia

Poet heroes
France Prešeren By Andraz

Science heroes
Friderik Pregl
By Klara from Naklo, Slovenia

Sports heroes
Samir Handanovic - Slovenia
Samir Handanovic is the best goalkeeper in Slovenia and is a national hero for what he has done for Slovenian Football.
Producer: Nejc Lavtar
Tomaz Humar
By Spelca from Naklo, Slovenia
Ziga Jeglic
By Jakob from Naklo, Slovenia
Petra Majdic
By Julija from Kranj

Tina Maze By Jaka
Tina Maze
By Marusa from Naklo
Drazen Petrovic
By Gaber from Naklo, Slovenia
Leon Stukelj
By Jaka from Naklo, Slovenia

Maja Vidmar By Nejc

Women heroes
Adriana Lima
By Katarina from Naklo, Slovenia

Writer heroes
Desa Muck
By Manca from Naklo, Slovenia

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