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Yuriy Gagarin
By Igor from Moscow
My Grandmother
By Elizaveta from Moscow
Aleksey Maresjev
By Matvey from Moscow
Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya
By Kseniya from Moscow

Victor Tsoy
By Alexander from Moscow
Victor Tsoy -
This film is about Russian singer and composer Victor Tsoy, who created the group "Cinema". He was very popular singer among youth at that time.
Producer: Alexander Fomichev
My Hero is my Great Great Grandfather
by Yana from Moscow

Our authors and filmmaker.

Student Alexander
Credit: Irina Sakhatskaya

Student's Elizaveta (on left) and Kseniya (on right)
Credit: Irina Sakhatskaya

Student Igor
Credit: Irina Sakhatskaya

Student Matvey
Credit: Irina Sakhatskaya


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