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Heroes From Romania
My Hero Learning Circle - Elementary - 2013

Credit: Loredana Popa

Credit: Loredana Popa

Our discussion collages about heroes!
Characteristics of a hero?
by Students from class of Loredana Popa for the My Hero Learning Circles 2013.
What should a hero do?
by The class of Loredana Popa, who took part in the My Hero Learning Circles, 2013.

Our classes who took part
Collage of class 4 A working on HEROES from Romania
by Class 4 A students - Teacher - Loredana Popa
Collage of class 4 B working on HEROES from Romania
by Class 4 B students - Teacher - Loredana Popa
Collage of class 4 C working on HEROES from Romania
by Class 4 C students - Teachers - Loredana Popa

Our stories

My great grandfather is my hero

by Ioana Ursu, class 4A

My great grandfather was a hero because he fought in World war II and he was a good warrior. His courage cost him very dearly.
My great grandmother waited for him for very many years. When he came back, he was cripple, weak, kind and tired.
He had no time to lose because he felt he was in bad shape.
He was a hero for me.

My super mouse - out to save the animals
Credit: Mirela Mascan 4 A

Our heroine - The Black Cat
Credit: Paula and Andra - 4C

Our heroine is called "Black Cat". It should be smart, honest, beautiful, strong, agile and friendly. It should: rescue people, bring justice, help the poor, be able to climb and hide in the night.
by Paula and Andra - 4C

Raed Arafat - created the Smurd Team- for medical emergencies
Credit: Tapu Teona - 4A

Raed Arafat is, in my opinion, a hero for Romanian medicine. He has saved many lives. He founded the Smurd Teams, spread all over the country for medical emergencies and quick interventions. He is Palestinian, but practising medicine in Romania. his expertise is in anesthesiology and intensive care.
SMURD stands for
Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication.
by Teona Tapu, 4A

My hero
by Botez Daria 4B

"We are surrounded by heroism because even if you dislike someone, he could still save your life."
A hero to me is...a very good friend.
An animal...
Into the fire to save you, to protect you from those who pick on you and if you're sad to make you skip with joy...
A person...
A pretty girl with blond hair and blue eyes, advising me how to dress, and be funny, tough. She would play with me, sing, dance as well as I do, help me with my homework and be with me for better or for worse, to help me but help others as well.
My favourite star could be a hero too.
Basically, a hero would be everything to me.

Vlad Tepes
Credit: Nita Alexandru 4C

Vlad Tepes was born in the city of Sighisoara in Transylvania, the son of Vlad II Dracul and a Transylvanian noble. He married 3 times, had 5 children: 4 boys and a girl.

During his reign, the Romanian country managed to achieve independence from the Ottoman empire. Due to some conflicts with merchants from Brasov, he got the reputation of being a cruel demonic prince. But he was just, honest, a great ruler.

What people don't know is that the name Dracul (which later on led to Stoker's infamous Dracula character) came from a military distinction the order of Dracul (meaning the Dragon).

Credit: Cazacut Flavius - 4A

Gandhi, my hero
by Cazacut Flavius - 4 A

Gandhi was a great man, born in India on October 2nd, 1869. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and he was an advocate of peace.
He once said that if we really wanted peace in the world, we had to start with the children. He tried to stop the war and ended up in prison for 2 years, between 1922-1924.
Once he got kicked off a train by a white man because he was supposed to sit in third class. Since he refused to move, he got kicked off.
When Gandhi was 13. he was married to Kstubay. when he died, his ashes were mixed with rose petals. I wrote about Gandhi because he was a peaceful man who really tried to help people.

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