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My Hero Learning Circle - Elementary/Middle School - January 2013
Learn about our children's heroes from around the world!

My Hero Learning Circles is an online global exchange that has My Hero partnered with iEARN.org. Teachers and students from around the world learn about each others cultures, communities, countries and of course, their heroes. The world is brought into each of their classrooms and their classrooms into the world. This diverse circle of Elementary and Middle school students is composed of classes participating from USA (2), Canada, Belarus, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and South Africa. The My Hero Project thanks you for all your hard work and for your amazing results, that everyone can see on this page. I encourage everyone to take some time and click through ALL of the classes in this new archive of heroes as seen through the eyes of our children. Happy New Year. Wendy Jewell - Facilitator

Teacher Loredana Popa and her class from Scoala Gimnaziala NR. 17 Botosani, Romania had a lot of fun participating in the global My Hero Learning Circles. They created quizzes about How to choose a hero and What should a hero do, that are included as links that you can share with your class. They also created collages of words about heroes. Took pictures of each of the groups of students and then shared their heroes with us in words and art. Do yourself a favor and click on the link above... and enjoy!

Oxana Krailo and her grade five students from the School of Luchynets in Ukraine, show us a different kind of hero - fairies. Check out her students works... you'll be glad you did.

The second grade students from the classes of Erica Hudson, Jeannie Ferretti, Kimberly Raidell, Tami James and Cecilia Eppler participated in the international project, My Hero Learning Circles, with 7 other countries. The boys discussed what it means to be a hero and then learned about the life of the American astronaut, Neil Armstrong. They interviewed people in our school, did research about heroes, discovered fun facts, watched the Moon Landing and then created ART about their hero. Click on the link above and scroll down to discover their journey.

Our experience in the My HeroŁ project. It was our second project in Learning Circles space and we were glad to take part in it. At first my students were thinking over this theme for some time, their ideas and thoughts seemed very interesting, because their projects reflect their inner world. For me, it was also interesting to know who they consider a Hero and why they think so. It goes without saying the activity was very useful for developing their English language skills. Thank you very much for all! Teacher...Irina Sakhatskaya

The grade 3 students of Teacher, Ecaterina Rupesac, had a lot of fun creating art about their heroes. Click on this link to see what they came up with.


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