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Saving the Canyon with Mary Fegraus - USA
Mary Fegraus is a respected Laguna Beach resident due to her tireless efforts to preserve the Laguna Greenbelt.
Producer: Wendy Milette
The Kelp Lady - USA
The Kelp Lady features marine biologist Nancy Caruso.
Producer: Anabelle Vo
Jodie Gates - USA
Founder of the Laguna Dance Festival, Jodie Gates is also the Vice Dean & Director of the Kaufman School of Dance at USC.
Producer: The MY HERO Project
Wendy Milette - USA
Wendy Milette, director of Film Festivals and Media Arts for the MY HERO Project, is an artist and a media educator who is a hero to Laguna Beach and countless young filmmakers all over the world.
Producer: The MY HERO Project

Artists Inspiring the Raindrops - USA
Artists Inspiring the Raindrops partners with non-profit organizations to generate funds through the sale of donated art to raise awareness and support for each world issue our partnering organizations address.
Producer: Jessica Necor
Mada Leach -
Mada Leach has been a visual artist for 50 years. She is also the co-founder of Laguna Outreach for Community Arts, (LOCA), a non-profit coalition of arts educators.
Producer: Victoria Murphy
Robin Altman -
Robin Altman is an Artist from Laguna Beach with a vibrant colorful style.
Producer: Victoria Murphy

Robin Altman
is an active participant in the arts community in the Laguna Beach area.
By Victoria Murphy
Jodie Gates
is a groundbreaker in the international world of dance.
By Betty Bailey
Nancy Caruso
is a marine biologist who helped bring kelp forests back to the California coast.
By Anabelle Vo
Doug Miller
Is an iconic artist and musician in Laguna Beach, Calfifornia.

Tyler Russell
began a community radio station and goes out of his way to find, promote, and interview indie artists that don't get commercial recognition
is an internationally recognized artist and marine life conservationist.
Jim Dilley
was the founder of the Laguna Beach Greenbelt.
By Doug Miller and Sasha Evans
James Pribram
ECO Warrior

Previous Films
Ditty for Dilley - USA
Laguna Beach musicians, Doug Miller and Sasha Evans, sing a song about activist James Dilley at the 5th Annual Laguna Hero Fest.
Producer: Doug Miller/Sasha Evans/MY HERO
Blues Planet: Sounds [Excerpt] - USA
"There is music to our planet."
Producer: Wyland
Art Is - USA
Boys and Girls Club students share their love of Art.
Producer: Jasa Laliberte
Ditty for Dilley Music Video - USA
A music video about James Dilley, founder of the Laguna Greenbelt.
Producer: Doug Miller/Sasha Evans/MY HERO

Doug Miller: Artist Historian - USA
Doug Miller is a Laguna Beach artist with a knack for documenting the community with his art.
Producer: MY HERO
KX 93.5 - USA
KX 93.5 is an independent radio station based out of Laguna Beach.
Producer: Dave DeSantis
Boys and Girls Club is My Hero - USA
Participants of the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach explain why they love the club.
Producer: Wendy Milette, The Boys and Girls Club & The Laguna Beach Community Foundation
ECO Warrior - USA
The ECO Warrior, James Pribram, works tirelessly in hopes that the ocean will be preserved for the future.
Producer: James Pribram, Charles McMahon

J A Bullard: Surf Cinematographer - USA
Andy Alison inherited a treasure trove of surfing history from his grandfather, J. A. Bullard.
Producer: Andy Alison
The Susi Q - USA
At the Susi Q center, senior citizens remain active as they age gracefully.
Producer: The Susi Q

Acceptance Speeches - Heroes of LHF
Laguna Hero Fest 2013 - Wyland - USA
Artist Wyland gives a speech about his own inspiration--the ocean--at the 2013 Laguna Hero Fest.
Producer: MY HERO/Dylan Sachse
Laguna Hero Fest intro & Artists Inspiring the Raindrops (LCAD) with acceptance - usa
Artists Inspiring the Raindrops (LCAD) with acceptance and Laguna HERO FEST intro.
Producer: Jessica Necor & THE MY HERO PROJECT
2014 Laguna Hero Fest Jodie Gates Acceptance - USA
Jode Gates accepts her award at the2014 Laguna Hero Fest
Producer: The MY HERO Project

Mada Leach Artist and Founder of LOCA
Silver Moon Cloud Bank
by Mada Leach
Summer Moonrise #3
by Mada Leach
Canyon Colors #2
by Mada Leach
Moonstone Beach
by Mada Leach

September Moon
by Mada Leach
Hopi Landscape
by Mada Leach
California Daybreak
by Mada Leach
Whampus Kitty
by Mada Leach

Robin Wethe Altman Laguna Beach Artist
Last Light on Laguna
by Robin Wethe Altman
She's An Artist
by Robin Wethe Altman
She Loves the Sea
by Robin Wethe Altman
Nepali Woman and Her Goat
by Robin Wethe Altman

She Dreams of San Francisco
by Robin Wethe Altman

Doug Miller Art

Wyland Art

Art by students from Anneliese School


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