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Students' stories

-Who is a hero?

-Who is your hero? I asked my students. 
Their answers were different but all of them said one common thing:" A hero is a person like we are, a simple person who lives between us, the one who thinks about others more than about him/herself."

Below you can find their stories about simple, ordinary people from our town. They are not famous, not so many people know them, but those who know them say that they are real heroes who devoted their lives to others.

Natalia Rata
By Alexandra from Drochia
Mrs. Nelly Amaftioaie
By Anastasia from Drochia
Mrs. Olga Tomac
By Victoria from Drochia
Mrs. Natalia Rata
By Lucy from Drochia

Mrs. Lilia Cutulab
By Nicoleta from Drochia

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