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What's a hero for us :
     I believe it is good  to have a hero. Mostly, we want to become like them because we admire their way of thinking and their personality and love them for their strength in the worst moment and their sacrifice without hesitation for the good of others.
     I think that we need heroes as they are a role model for us.

   In our country we had heroes that contributed to the Algerian resistance like Lala Fatma N'Soumer and Ibn Badiss.

Our Stories
Lala Fatma NSoumer
By Faiza from Algiers
Abd El-Hamid Ibn Badis
By Faiza from Algiers

Heroes are those persons who change the world, who make a difference and help others. They are an example for us so I think we should all try to become one them because the world needs heroes nowadays more than others.


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