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My Hero Learning Circles in Luchynets, Ukraine
Uncommon people, uncommon deeds
This page is started to show the My Hero works of Luchynets Secondary school students.

Panas Savoliuk
By Oxana Krailo (Savoliuk) from Ukraine
Yanush Korchak
By Our form 7 from Luchynets
Filip Konowal
By Olha from Luchynets
Volodymyr and Vitaliy Klichko
By Our form 7 from Luchynets

Ivan Dacenko
By Sasha from Luchynets
Peter Dmytruk
By Denys from Luchynets
Vasyl Poryk
By Diana from Luchynets

This page tells the lifestories of people who are considered to be Heroes in many countries - but all of them are united by one character - they were (and are) those, who CARE. We do not idolise the war heroes - we just want you to understand, with the help of our stories, how terrible the war is - and how great the war heroes are as they saved our life, our lifestyles and freedoms not only for us but for many future generations. And you are welcome to visit our site - School of Luchynets - to find the Movie Maker film made up of real photos of past and present Ukraine, which will show how much our land had suffered during the World War II and how much we are grateful to our forefathers for thier heroic deeds during that war.


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