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Sultana Heroes
Shared by Mrs. Gillum's and Ms. Pechan's 5th and 6th Grade Elementary Class
An incredible journey to new friends, explored cultures, and discovered heroes has led us this final destination. The world is a little cozier now that we feel closer to our international friends. We have been overwhelmed with the pictures, music, and gifts from other children. We are priviledged to share our heroes with you.
Mother Teresa
By Diana from Sultana
George Lopez
By Ramon from Sultana
Jackie Chan
By Stephanie from Sultana
Blake Mycoskie
By Alisson from Sultana

Fred Myers
By Leslie from Sultana
Amelia Earhart
By Venessa from Sultana
Raul Jose Delgado
By Jesse from Sultana
Abraham Lincoln
By Ivan from Sultana

Emiliano Zapata-Salazar
By Giselle from Sultana
Medgar Wiley Evers
By Madu from Sultana
Paul Revere
By Anthony from Sultana
Demitria Devonne Lovato
By Esmeralda from Sultana

Theodore Roosevelt
By Yaneth from Sultana
Mae Jemison
By Essence from Sultana
Lionel Andres Messi
By Eduardo from Sultana
Reggie Bush
By Cameron from Sultana

By Adrian from Sultana
Roald Dahl
By Jason from Sultana
Joannie Rochette
By Carla from Sultana
Los Topos de Mexico
is one of the most elite earthquake rescue teams in the world.
By Leslie from Sultana

Valdez Family
selflessly reached out to help a family in need.
By Carina from Sultana
Jenny G. Navarro
By Elijah from Sultana

STUDENT MOVIES- Go to our class page and click on "My Hero Student Videos" at the top of the page.

Our class in the quad at school
Credit: Personal album

Class at Griffith Observatory
Credit: Personal Album


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