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Ibn Al Arabi, Chichaoua, Morocco
Change is the spice of life
Chichaoua is undergoing a panoply of changes that will certainly mark its history for ages. As we are fully aware of that, we are making our best to leave a fingerprint on the change.

Well one feels so grateful to be involved in this nice experience. Thank you for opening up the global gate to our tiny classroom. Africa is in dire need of such initiatives. Be sure that you were the incentives of young smiles.

Teacher Aziz Moummou

Nawal el Moutawakel
By Chaimaa from Chichaoua, Morocco
Hynd Bouhia
By Majda from Chichaoua
Said Nassiri
By Ilham from Chichaoua, Morocco
Princess Lalla Salma
By Asma Namouji from Chichaoua, Morocco

Mohammed Abed Al Jabri
By Mouaad from Chichaoua, Morocco


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