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My Hero Learning Circle - Middle School - January 2011
Wonderful stories of heroism from kids around the world.
My Hero Learning Circles is an online global exchange that has My Hero partnered with iEARN.org. Teachers and students from around the world learn about each others’ cultures, communities, countries and of course, their heroes. The world is brought into each of their classrooms and their classrooms into the world. This Middle School circle is very diverse, with classes participating from India, USA, Slovenia, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Indonesia. The My Hero Project thanks you for all your hard work and for your inspiring results, that everyone can see on this page. I encourage everyone who sees this to take some time and click through ALL of the classes in this new archive of heroism as seen through the eyes of our children. Cheers – Wendy Jewell – Facilitator – My Hero Learning Circles

Dear friends! Thank you for the opportunity to become a part of great community "My Hero". Our conclusion that everyone can be a hero. The heroes of our stories are people who were born in our city and made a significant contribution to our culture. Although their lives were not easy, they confidently walked to their purpose. Dear Wendy! Thanks for your supporting during all of this project. It was very necessary. Sometimes your simple words inspired me on further in my work.Sincerely yours, Margarita

Dr. Kuljeet Singh and Mrs. Tamanna Seth, teachers from Assam Valley School in Balipara, India participated in the My Hero Learning Circle with their Grade 8 class. These are their stories.

The heroes on this page were chosen by leadership students who also view these individuals as leaders. Students were asked to consider qualities they believe a leader should possess and choose a hero based on these qualities. The individuals who were chosen represent heroes from many different domains. Their stories are truly inspiring. Katie Cain


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