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My Hero Learning Circle - High School - January 2011
Teenage stories of heroism.
My Hero Learning Circles is an online global exchange that has My Hero partnered with iEARN.org. Teachers and students from around the world learn about each others’ cultures, communities, countries and of course, their heroes. The world is brought into each of their classrooms and their classrooms into the world. This particular High School circle was very diverse with classes participating from France, Russia, Canada, Bahrain and Morocco. I encourage everyone who sees this to take some time and discover these inspiring heroes shared by teenagers from around the world. Cheers – Wendy Jewell – Facilitator – My Hero Learning Circles

My students and I wonder if we can ever show our gratitude for all your effort on making the learning circle possible. In the past three months, they experienced much pressure in picking out their own hero and in shaping him or her in a specific manner so that the readers around the globe would identify with the hero. Now the pressure has subtly transformed into pleasure on the moment they read your response. Truly, we have had a marvelous journey which will go on and on as my students grow. Best wishes Abby Chen

Thanks so much Barry, Wendy for the effort that you have done to help us all in the project all the past time. Though I had so many problems during the program that prevented me from catching up with everything in the my hero project but finally we could finish. Many thanks to all the participants who are sending us their updates. Finally I hope to see and meet you all in the near future . Mustafa Kamel Abdel Baky Mohammed

Well one feels so grateful to be involved in this nice experience. Thank you for opening up the global gate to our tiny classroom. Africa is in dire need of such initiatives. Be sure that you were the incentives of young smiles. Teacher Aziz Moummou

The heroes on this page were chosen by leadership students who also view these individuals as leaders. Students were asked to consider qualities they believe a leader should possess and choose a hero based on these qualities. The individuals who were chosen represent heroes from many different domains. Their stories are truly inspiring. Katie Cain

We are a class of grade 10 students, ages 14-15, from Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. We are doing a theme unit in our English class, which answers the question, "What makes someone a hero?" We will be watching movies, reading fiction and non-fiction texts from all over the world to see what traits a hero should have. We will finish our unit with a research project on a Canadian Hero. Emilie Giroux


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