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We have enjoyed meeting our collaborators in the learning circle. Here are our fifth grade My Hero projects.

Teacher Heroes

Our gifted students will be interviewing adult heroes in our school to learn more about them and share with everyone as a result of the spring IEARN (International Education and Resource Network) My Hero Learning circle project.

Our students have discussed what makes a person or an animal hero. They have selected someone who is important to them and written about that person. They hope you enjoy their stories.

Ohio Heroes

There are many people from the state of Ohio in the United States of America who have a made a difference in the world. This page contains research reports about heroes from the state of Ohio in the USA. The research was conducted by the fourth graders at Emerson World Languages and Cultures Elementary Magnet School in Westerville Ohio.

Our class has created some amazing representations of our heroes. My students chose to create a piece of artwork representing their heroes. My students created these masterpieces in art class with the help of our outstanding art teacher. We also wrote about our heroes using the complete writing process. We started by brain storming about our hero. Then we created a rough draft. Finally we edited our piece and created our published piece. Please understand that these are Kindergarten writers and we are progressing to correct spelling and grammar. It is a work in progress. Thanks you and enjoy our creations!

The 5th graders at the West Tisbury School on Martha's Vineyard created different projects to share their heroes.

Dear friends, please check our stories. We had a great time participating in this project and I'm happy to tell, that my students are inspired by this project and have said: that they have learned english better with the project.

We learn with others, because of others, for the others and our selves - and celebrate the humanity. Thank you my hero project, keep on celebrating heroes, it is what the world needs, now more than ever. Hugs Lidija

My students and I love participating in this project. We have learned a lot and enjoyed our new relations. My Hero Project broadens students' and teachers' horizons and knowledge. The activities in the project make the students notice positive human features, choose the best people in history or in everyday life and be thankful to them.

The opportunity for our students to share their ideas of A HERO'S CHARACTER and their own personal heroes not only amongst themselves, but also with other classrooms around the world was an incredibly valuable and memorable experience for our grade six students here at Glen Cairn. Thanks to all staff, students and iEARN facilitators for their support and contributions throughout this project!!


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