Learning Circles
What are the MY HERO Global Learning Circles? Click the slide deck below to find out!

MY HERO Global Learning Circles SLIDE DECK

Credit: myhero.com

Bring your class into the world and the world into your classroom.

Elementary School Classes Works of Art, Stories, Audio and Short Films

Aghbalou Elementary School in Morocco PEACE MURAL

6th Grade students share their HERO stories in French and English. Teacher - Abdelaziz Rhazzali

Visualizing Heroism thru Art and Puppet Shows

Credit: Franklin Township School Students

Students from Franklin Township School in USA researched, created art and puppet shows visualizing heroism. Teacher - Barry Kramer

Middle and High School Students share their Stories, Short Films and Art of HEROES

MY HERO Global Learning Circles - June 2017 - MHM2/MHH1 - Middle and High Schools

Discover the HEROES of youth around the world, in Stories, Art and Short Films - Including schools from Jordan, Moldova, Mali and Slovenia

Mali Bickley's Class from Canada shares their HERO Posters

Heroes From Home and AfarThese students from W. H. Day School told us about their heroes in essays. Now they've shown us in this collection of Hero Posters!

High School Students Share their Heroes via Stories, Music and Art

The Great Russian Writer - N. V. Gogol



Class from Lod, Israel

Credit: Teacher - Monika Ittah

Recording in Sierra Leone

Credit: Teacher Mendy Kanu

While taking part in the Learning Circles, Mendy Kanu's students from Children's Foundation of Technology School, Sierra Leone,  won the YOUTH ENGAGEMENT AWARD in the MY HERO Song Contest.


Students from LC Lyceum Mihail Eminescu

Credit: Maria Ionesi
CALL TO ACTION Circles - working together to create a better world, wherever you are!

Mrs. Zimmerman and some of the Call to Action team

Credit: Student Photo

The MY HERO: Call to Action Learning Circles that our students participated in through the iEARN Learning Circles afforded students the opportunity to examine their own thoughts and beliefs about the quality and characteristics true heroes possess. Teacher - Mrs. Zimmerman

MY HERO Global Learning Circles - CALL TO ACTION - Circle May 2016

Check out the wonderful interaction and works from students of all ages. What a group! What amazing results!

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"MY HERO motivated me to become a hero myself."

"This project helped me to develop my English, to discover some new personalities and to increase my knowledge."

"MY HERO made me appreciate and love my hero more!"

"This project inspired me to discover new cultures and meet new friends."